Other Product Considerations

Review the following other product considerations before installing the product:

  • UNIX System Service (BPX) calls are executed in the IBM® Connect:Direct® IUI under the TSO or Batch User ID. BPX calls require that a user ID has an OMVS segment defined to it within the external security product, such as IBM RACF, CA-ACF2 or CA-TOP SECRET. The BPX calls resolve the TCP/IP name or address for reporting purpose in Select Statistics. If a user ID does not have an OMVS segment defined to it, an SEC6 ABEND or Trace Resolver messages under the TSO or batch user can occur when requesting Select Statistics.

    Information about adding an OMVS segment to a user ID using an external security product, either individually or as a group assignment, is found in the external security product documentation.

  • Due to an issue with the security toolkit on the i5/OS hardware, an SSL/TLS cipher suite can be negotiated during the SSL/TLS handshake that is not defined in the cipher suite list. IBM PMR, 35692, has been opened to address the i5/OS toolkit issue. When the PTF becomes available for i5/OS, apply it to ensure cipher suite negotiation occurs as expected.
  • An ABEND 0C4 is possible in z/OS V2R4 using Secure+ due to an error in System SSL. APAR OA58781 against System SSL addresses the error with PTF UJ01929 or UJ01933 as appropriate for the installed level of System SSL.