Accessing Accounting and Logging Information

IBM® Connect:Direct® accounting is accomplished by the DTF. Accounting and statistics are gathered accurately as the DTF enables the userid to be extracted from the UICB for each IBM Connect:Direct command entered.

CICS® logging is accomplished in the background of CICS operations, but does not record all CICS events and does not duplicate any other IBM Connect:Direct logs. Some events also display on the system console, where major CICS events and errors are reported, such as the following:

  • Interface startup
  • CST attach
  • WST attach
  • Node signon of dummy CICS ID
  • WST session failure
  • WST detach
  • CST detach
  • CST termination
  • Administrative commands affecting sessions and requests
  • Return information for CICS users who issue a request and then abnormally exit CICS without waiting for the response