Unattended File Management with Connect:Direct Integrated File Agent

Connect:Direct® Integrated File Agent is a component of IBM® Connect:Direct that provides unattended file management. It provides monitoring and detection capabilities that enhance the automation you accomplish with IBM Connect:Direct Processes.

You can configure Connect:Direct Integrated File Agent to operate in either of the following ways:

  • Watch for any file to appear in one or more watched directories and submit a default IBM Connect:Direct Process after detecting the newly added file.
  • Override the default IBM Connect:Direct Process specified and apply either watched file event rules or system event rules that are enabled for the configuration. If the criteria for a rule are met, Connect:Direct Integrated File Agent submits the IBM Connect:Direct Process associated with that rule.
  • You can create Connect:Direct Integrated File Agent rules based on the following properties:
    • Full or partial name of the file detected in a watched directory. The watched directory can be a local directory on the IBM Connect:Direct server or a network drive.
    • Size of the file detected in a watched directory
    • System event title or contents

File Agent is distributed with Connect:Direct for UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and z/OS®.

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