Diagnose a Server Problem Using Traces

If you have a problem with a server, you can start a trace. A trace provides detailed information about Connect:Direct® activity and assists in diagnosing problems related to Connect:Direct operations. The trace facility writes this information to a file. You can set the size of the output file and specify a wrap if the file reaches its maximum size.

You can set a trace to one of the following levels:
  • A basic trace to capture the function entry and exit only.
  • An intermediate trace to capture the function argument and its start and stop.
  • A full trace to capture internal control blocks and the function argument, start, and stop.

The trace timestamp is specified in microseconds to pinpoint server activity with greater precision.

You can create a trace using Requester or the CLI.

Refer to Traceoff Command and Traceon Command for instructions on using the CLI to define or turn off traces.