Checkpoint/restart is specific to the Process copy statement. Connect:Direct® records file positioning checkpoint information at specified intervals during a copy operation. If a copy step is interrupted for any reason, it can be restarted at the last checkpoint position.

Note: Connect:Direct must support checkpoint/restart on both the local and the remote node.

The file sender provides positioning information to the receiver when a checkpoint interval is reached. The receiver stores this information, along with its destination file positioning information, in the checkpoint file. The last four sets of positioning information are retained in the checkpoint file. At restart, each set of information is used until the file is successfully repositioned. If repositioning fails, then the entire file is retransmitted.

Checkpoint Parameter for the Copy Statement

The checkpoint parameter in the Process copy statement specifies the byte interval at which checkpoints are taken.

Note: See the IBM Connect:Direct Process Language Reference Guide for use of the checkpoint parameter in the copy statement.

A checkpoint value of No disables checkpointing. If you do not specify a checkpoint value in the copy statement, the default is defined by the checkpoint interval initialization parameter, ckpt.interval.