Setting Selection Criteria

The Process control commands have common parameters and IUI screen layouts. All Process control commands allow you to select Processes by Process name, number, and submitter. (Some allow additional criteria.) The WHERE parameter groups the selection arguments, enabling you to make common changes or selections. The command applies to all Processes which match the criteria. For example, if you indicate a Process name PROCA with no further qualification, all Processes named PROCA are affected by the command.

When you specify two or more WHERE subparameters, you further qualify the selection so that all conditions must be satisfied. In this way, you can adequately qualify your selection if you have non-unique Process names or numbers. For example, if you specify in your selection criteria a Process name of PROCA and Process number of 16, the Process number of PROCA must be 16 for the command to apply.

If you specify multiple Processes by using the list option on the subparameter, the position of the arguments in the list is significant. Elements in each list must correspond by position. For example, PNAME=(PROCA, PROCB), PNUM=(16,17) requires that PROCA be Process number 16 and PROCB be Process number 17 for the command to apply.

On the screens, you can type a list of Process names, numbers, and submitters (user ID and node ID) to obtain the same results that the WHERE parameter list provides in batch. IBM® Connect:Direct® builds the appropriate command from the screen. IBM Connect:Direct accesses the corresponding Process names and numbers and submitters (user ID and node) from left to right to construct the list form of this command.