FTP Commands Accepted, But Ignored

The following commands are recognized, accepted, and ignored by IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct® FTP+. These commands do not produce errors.

FTP commands that are not supported or recognized, are ignored with appropriate messages. However, if IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+ is in exit mode (exit or exit= specified in the remote host statement), these commands stop the script and terminate the step. This is how z/OS FTP behaves.

(LOC)SITE subcommands that are not supported or recognized are ignored and do not terminate the step, even in exit mode. The exceptions to this z/OS FTP behavior are the (LOC)SITE WRAPRECORD and TRUNCATE subcommands. If these subcommands are specified, they always terminate the script (RC=8 when not in exit mode and with the user's return code when in exit mode).

  • ?
  • !
  • ACCount
  • BLock
  • CCc
  • CProtect
  • DEBug
  • DUMP
  • FEature
  • FIle
  • HElp
  • Ibmkanji
  • LANGuage
  • LOCSTat
  • NOop
  • RECord
  • REStart
  • SENDPort
  • SJiskanji
  • SRestart
  • STAtus
  • STREam
  • STRucture
  • SYstem
  • TSO
  • UCs2
  • Verbose