Import Existing Certificates

Before performing your .Local node configuration, you need to import existing certificates.

To import existing certificates:

  1. Import existing certificates, either keycerts or trusted root files from trading partners into the Key Store. On the Secure+ Admin Tool main window, from the Key Management menu, select Configure Key Store. The Key Store Manager window appears.
  2. Verify the CMS Key Store path. If incorrect, click browse to locate the Key Store path. The Browse CMS KeyStore File window appears.
  3. The default Key Store name is: cdkeystore.kdb To locate the default Key Store path, navigate to the Key Store file.
    Windows path: <cdinstalldir>\Server\Secure+\Certificates\cdkeystore.kdb
    Unix path:  <cdinstalldir>/ndm/secure+/certificates/cdkeystore.kdb
  4. Click Import. On the Import PEM KeyStore File window, navigate to and select the certificate file you want to use and click OK.
  5. If a key certificate file is being imported, the password must be entered. The KeyStore Password window appears. Type your password and click OK.
  6. The PEM Certificate Viewer displays to allow a review of the certificate file. Verify the certificate is valid and click the Import button. Import Results window displays with status of imported certificate. Click Close.
  7. The certificate is imported and given a Label based on the certificate Common Name, (CN=). Note the serial number to identify the correct certificate after import.
    Note: A common name is used for Label and identification which means that multiple certificates can have the same common name and therefore, can be overwritten depending on the setting of the Default Mode. Additionally, the Default Mode of Import is Add or Replace Certificates.
  8. Click OK to create the new CMS KeyStore file. Key Store Manager will display contents of the new keystore.