Compile and Debug

When you are ready to compile the program created with the API, include the CDCAPI.H header file. Including the CDCAPI.H file in your project automatically links a program with the appropriate import library. Debug configurations link with the CDCAPID.LIB and release configurations link with the CDCAPI.LIB.

The CDCAPI.LIB and CDCAPID.LIB files contain the following information:

  • Name of the DLL to dynamically load at run time.
  • Definitions of all exported functions. This is used by the linker to resolve all calls to the CDCAPI.DLL.

When the program runs or the DLL is loaded, the appropriate CDCAPI.DLL is loaded. The CDCAPI.DLL is dynamically loaded when a release configuration is executed, and the CDCAPID.DLL is dynamically loaded to support debug configurations.

The C APIs are based on the core C++ APIs. This required API layer is contained in CDCORE.DLL (or CDCORED.DLL if compiling for debug mode). The appropriate core DLL must be in your path for the C APIs to work properly.