Issuing the SELECT TCPXLAT Command from the IUI

The Select NETMAP or TCP Information screen issues the SELECT TCPXLAT command or the SELECT NETMAP command depending on your request.

  1. Select option NM from the Primary Options Menu to display the Select Netmap or TCP Information screen. (See Issuing the SELECT NETMAP Command from the IUI to see a screen sample.)
  2. Press Tab until you reach the TCP INFORMATION portion of the screen. See the parameter descriptions in SELECT TCPXLAT Command Format or press PF1 for Help.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To translate a host address to a fully qualified host name, type the address in dot notation form in the ADDRESS field.
    • To translate a host name to a real TCP/IP address, type the host name in the NAME field. You can also type an alias name in this field if the host name is too long for the space provided.

      The following output is displayed:             RESOLVED TCP NAME/ADDRESS                     14:56
       CMD ==>
        TCP name/address translation successful.
             TCP ADDRESS : 111.222.333.444
      ____________________________ $$$$ ________________________________