Customizing the Product

After you verify the installation, you may want to customize files, screens, and Processes. The following list guides you to additional instructions for customizing your installation:

  1. Fully define all nodes to the network map file. For information on how to update the network map file, see Maintaining the Network Map.
  2. Set up the IBM® Connect:Direct®/Plex environment, if applicable.
  3. Select the appropriate step to set up security:
    • If you use the IBM Connect:Direct Authorization Facility, add users to the User Authorization file.
    • If you use external security software such as RACF, ACF2, or TOP SECRET, see Implementing Security for more information.
  4. Add types to the Type file. See Maintaining the Type File to add records to the Type file.
  5. Customize the Messages file. See Customizing IBM Connect:Direct in IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® Administration Guide.
  6. Customize the SUBMIT screen.
  7. Customize the sample Processes. Information on IBM Connect:Direct Processes is available in the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS Process Language Reference Guide and IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS User Guide.