Use the SYSOPTS Parameter (z/OS to OpenVMS)

This Process shows how to specify the SYSOPTS parameter with the MOUNT and PROTECTION keywords.

When one or more SYSOPTS parameters are specified and they continue across several lines, bracketing backslashes (\) and the double bar (||) concatenation characters are required.

The entire SYSOPTS string must be enclosed in double quotation marks. IBM® Connect:Direct® syntax requires using backslashes to continue the SYSOPTS over multiple lines when the Process is submitted from a z/OS node.

                       SNODEID=(RSMITH,ROGER) HOLD=YES
STEP01    COPY  FROM  (DSN=SMITH.CNTL(IEBGENER)                   -
                       PNODE)                                     -
                TO    (DSN=’MSA0:TAPE.DAT’                        -
                       DISP=RPL SNODE                             -
                       SYSOPTS=\"MOUNT=’MSA0:/NOLABEL’\ ||        -
                               \ NODISMOUNT\ ||                   -
                               \ PROTECTION=’S:E,O:E,G:E,W:E’ "\)