Use Bracketing Backslashes and Quotation Marks (z/OS to HP NonStop)

PROCESS1 is coded to be submitted from the z/OS node to run a program at the HP NonStop node. The RUN TASK statement executes FUP to copy ACCTJAN with shared access to the spooler, $S.#SPL1, at the HP NonStop node. Any HP NonStop process-related error messages are directed to $TERM1. IBM® Connect:Direct®-related messages are directed to $S.#SPL1.

Note: This Process will only work in SNA environments.

PROCESS1 shows a Process with a parameter (PARM) continuing over multiple lines.

PROCESS1  PROCESS    PNODE=CD.OS390                                     -
                     SNODE=CD.HPNONSTOP                                 -
STEP01    RUN TASK  (PGM = FUP                                          -
                     PARM=(\ "/OUT $S.#SPL1    \ ||                     -
                           \  ,TERM $TERM1/    \ ||                     -
                           \ COPY $SYSTEM.BILLPROC.ACCTJAN,,SHARE") \)  -

The following IBM Connect:Direct and HP NonStop syntax rules apply to both of these Processes:

  • Within a IBM Connect:Direct Process submitted from an z/OS node, single quotation marks or double quotation marks must be used to allow special characters to be embedded within a file name.
  • The string of HP NonStop RUN command options must be enclosed in forward slashes (/). This is an HP NonStop syntax requirement.
  • Because the PNODE is an z/OS node (that is, the Process is submitted on the z/OS node), backslashes and vertical bars must be used to continue a string across multiple lines.

    Bracketing backslashes are not valid when the PNODE is an HP NonStop node.