File Allocation Using a TYPE File (z/OS to z/OS)

The following Process uses a TYPE file to allocate a data set; therefore, UNIT, VOLUME, and SPACE parameters are not specified within the COPY statement.

The destination data set is allocated using definitions specified in the TYPE record, PSFILE.

                     SNODE=CD.CHICAGO REQUEUE=YES
STEP01  COPY  FROM  (DSN=DAL.PSDATA)                -
                     CKPT=10M                       -
                     COMPRESS                       -
              TO    (DSN=CHI.PSDATA                 -

The following parameters make up the TYPE record, PSFILE. This TYPE record must be present at the destination node (SNODE).

   DISP=(NEW,CATLG)                       -
   UNIT=3380                              -
   VOL=(SER=SYS009)                       -

You can also place the IOEXIT parameter in a TYPE entry. Any parameters specified on the COPY statement take precedence over those coded in the TYPE file. See the appropriate IBM® Connect:Direct® platform’s documentation for details on setting up entries in the TYPE file.