Copy to z/OS Nodes with Unique Member Name Allocation (AXUNIQ Exit)

The following examples demonstrate how IBM® Connect:Direct® resolves member names when UNIQUE=YES is specified on the SYSOPTS parameter of the COPY TO statement.

The member name is made unique as follows:

  • The member name specified in the TO DSN (or defaulted from the FROM DSN) is used as a seed for comparison. If the seed name is not unique on the receiving node, IBM Connect:Direct will modify the specified member name to create a unique name.
  • If the seed name is less than eight characters long, IBM Connect:Direct appends a unique numeric character to the member name, starting with 1. If the member name formed by the seed and the suffix exists already, the suffix is incremented until a unique name is created.
  • The suffix appended can be as long as seven digits.
  • If the seed name is eight characters long, IBM Connect:Direct will truncate the name from the right to limit the name to eight characters. This truncation will also take place if the seed name and its appended suffix are more than eight characters long.