User Functional Authorization Worksheet

User Functional Authorizations control the user's right to issue various Connect:Direct® commands and statements or perform tasks through the Connect:Direct Requester. Use this worksheet when making updates to the functional user authorization object in the Registry.

See Configuring the Connect:Direct Local Node for field content. Make a copy of this worksheet for each Connect:Direct user.

Type of Authorization Information Information Needed
Main Options

Local User ID

Default User Type (choose one):
  • General User
  • Administrator
  • Operator User
Indicate whether the administrator has the authority to update the following:
  • User Authorizations
  • Upload
  • Remote User Proxies
  • Download
Directory Restrictions
Specify the directory where you are allowed to perform the specific tasks. If you do not specify a directory, you can perform the specific task from any directory to which the Microsoft Windows security enables access. This authority is effective regardless of whether the request is submitted from the local or remote system. However, the remote user proxy can override the directory specification.
  • Upload Directory
  • Download Directory
  • Process Directory
  • Program Directory
Server Control
Grants authority to perform the following tasks in Connect:Direct:
  • Stop (Connect:Direct)
  • Trace
  • Initparms (initialization parameters)
  • Update Network Map
  • Update Translation Table
  • Client Source IP Checking
  • Certificate Authentication for Client API Connections
Statements Authorization
Grants authority to use the following statements in Connect:Direct Processes:
  • Trace
  • Copy
  • Run Job
  • Run Task
  • Submit
Process Control Submit Grants authority to manipulate and observe Processes in the TCQ.
Overrides Authorization
Grants authority to override the following Microsoft Windows defaults:
  • Execution Priority
  • ACL Updates
  • File Attributes
  • Remote Node ID
  • CRC