Firewall Configuration Example

The following example illustrates a configuration of the firewall navigation initialization parameter. An explanation follows the example. Although the tcp.src.ports parameter is shown as a multi-line parameter, Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows only supports single-line parameters.

tcp.src.ports=	(199.2.4.*, 5000-5050),
						(, 1376),
						(, 2000-2100, 3000-3100),
						(138.16.17.*, 2000-2050, 3000-3050, 4001, 4005)	

In the example, if Connect:Direct initiates a session with a remote node at the IP address, it will use only port 1376. A session (or any other address beginning with 199.2.4) will use any port in the range 5000 to 5050.

A session to uses a port from within the two ranges specified (2000 to 2100 or 3000 to 3100). Additionally, because of the subnet mask specification, a session to any IP address beginning with 200.200 will choose a port from within the two ranges specified.

The port for a session to any address beginning with 138.16.17 is selected from one of the two ranges (2000 to 2050 or 3000 to 3050) or the two individual ports specified (4001 or 4005).