Copy a VSE/POWER LST Queue Member to a Preallocated z/OS PDS

Use this Process to copy a VSE/POWER LST queue member into a preallocated z/OS partitioned data set (PDS). The member name is submitted when the Process is submitted by overriding the symbolic &PINUMB.

The disk data set has already been defined to the appropriate system catalog. Verify that your job class in the LST queue matches the Process job class (&JBCLASS); otherwise the Process will end and not copy the data set. This Process uses symbolic values.

LST2ZOS1 PROC  PNODE=SC.VSE.NODE                                              -
               SNODE=SC.OS390.NODE                                            -
               CLASS=8                                                        -
               &JBNAME=GGG3200                                                -
               &JBNUMB=0000                                                   -
               &JBDISP=L                                                      -
               &JBCLASS=Q                                                     -
STEP0001 COPY FROM ( PNODE                                                    -
                   DSN=&JBNAME                                                -
                   LST=(CLASS=&JBCLASS,DISP=&JBDISP)                          -
                   )                                                          -
              TO   ( SNODE                                                    -
                   DSN=USER01.TEST.VSEDUMPS(&PINUMB)                          -
                   DISP=RPL                                                   -
                   )                                                          -
STEP0002 IF    (STEP0001 EQ 0) THEN
                    RUN TASK (PGM=DMNOTIFY,                                   -
                        PARM=(’GOOD’,&PINUMB))                                -
                    RUN TASK (PGM=DMNOTIFY,                                   -
                        PARM=(’FAIL’,&PINUMB))                                -