Defining High-Availability Settings in the Configuration Files

After you install Connect:Direct® for UNIX on a shared file system, modify IBM® Connect:Direct parameters to support a clustering environment. Install Connect:Direct for UNIX on a shared cluster file system to use it in a cluster environment. Complete the following procedure to modify the configuration files for a cluster environment:

  1. Modify the following parameters:
    • In the initialization parameters file (initparm.cfg), set;nnnn:\ where nnnn is the number of the listening port you defined during installation.
    • In the api.parms record of the NDMAPI configuration file (ndmapi.cfg), set :tcp.hostname=logical_host_ip_name:\ where logical_host_ip_name is the virtual address of the cluster.
    • In the network map file (netmap.cfg), set :tcp.api=logical_host_ip_name;nnnn:\ where nnnn is the API port you defined during installation.
  2. In the network map file (netmap.cfg), set the outgoing address parameter in the local.node record to specify the local host IP name or address of the floating address to the following value. The remote node will also use this value for network map checking.
    :outgoing.address=(host name |nnnnnn.nnn):\
  3. Modify the following records in the network map file:
    • Set;1364:\ to configure the loopback remote node record.
    • Set to a value other than zero and less than the value set in the resource group manager of the cluster software to allow for clean shutdowns.
  4. In the same volume group as the installation file system, create a user data file system that is shared by all cluster nodes.