Secure+ Parameters File Auditing

IBM Connect:Direct® provides auditing of Secure+ parameters files and certificates for archival purposes.

The Connect:Direct Secure Plus Administration Tool (Secure+ Admin Tool) and the Connect:Direct Secure Plus Command Line Interface (Secure+ CLI) log changes made to the Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameters file (Secure+ parameters file). The following events are logged:

  • Application Startup
  • Init Parmfile
  • Open Parmfile
  • Sync Netmap
  • Rekey Parmfile
  • Create Node
  • Update Node
  • Delete Node

The Secure+ parameters file logging feature has the following operational characteristics:

  • The logging feature is always enabled and cannot be disabled.
  • If errors occur when the log is being updated, the application terminates.
  • Each log entry contains a timestamp, user ID, and a description of the action/event.
  • When an existing node is updated, any changed fields are reported.
  • When a node is created or deleted, the values of all non-empty fields are reported.
  • Any commands that modify a node are logged.
Note: The certificates used by Connect:Direct Secure Plus are individual files that can be stored anywhere on the system. As a result, the logging feature cannot detect when existing certificate files are modified. Connect:Direct Secure Plus only stores the certificate path name and detects changes to this field only.