FASP Messages

Use the following table to obtain FASP error message information.

Note: Long text message files for these message IDs can be viewed using the Connect:Direct Requester Message Lookup utility.
Non-Detailed Statistics Mode (Message ID only) Detailed Statistics Mode
FASP001E FASP001E: FASP server session creation failed.
FASP002E FASP002E: FASP client session creation failed.
FASP003E FASP003E: FASP could not be initialized.
FASP004E FASP004E: Lock timeout.
FASP005E FASP005E: Memory allocation failure.
FASP006E FASP006E: Condition wait timed out.
FASP007E FASP007E: No FASP listen ports available.
FASP008E FASP008E: FASP disabled due to file size &FILESIZE < threshold &THRESHOLD
FASP009E FASP009E: FASP session terminated unexpectedly.
FASP010E FASP010E: SNODE refused FASP, FASP disabled.
FASP011E FASP011E: FASP CRC verification failed.
FASP020E FASP020E: Session Manager received invalid FASP control message.
FASP021E FASP021E: FASP control message fragmented or invalid.
FASP022E FASP022E: Session Manager failed to receive FASP control message.
FASP023E FASP023E: The FASP control message to send exceeds the buffer size.
FASP024E FASP024E: Session Manager failed to send FASP control message.
FASP030E FASP030E: FASP license file not found.
FASP031E FASP031E: FASP license file expired.
FASP032E FASP032E: FASP license in error.
FASP033E FASP033E: FASP license is malformed.
FASP034E FASP034E: FASP license is malformed.
FASP035E FASP035E: FASP License file at &LOCATION will expire in &VALUE day(s).
FASP040E FASP040E: FASP initialization failed - remote &TYPE &NODE. Error=&ERROR.
FASP041E FASP041E: FASP initialization failed - local &TYPE &NODE. Error=&ERROR.
FASP042E FASP042E: FASP initialization failed.