Waiting for a Message Using recv_exit_msg() or recv_exit_msg_c()

The recv_exit_msg() or recv_exit_msg_c() function waits until it receives a message from IBM® Connect:Direct®. Control is suspended until a message is received or an error occurs. The recv_exit_msg() has the following format:

int recv_exit_msg( int exit_flag )
	int * msg_type, 
	char * recv_buf, 
	int * recv_buf_len

The recv_exit_msg() or recv_exit_msg_c() functions have the following parameters:

Parameter Description Value
exit_flag A flag to specify the recipient ID. The only valid value a user exit program can use is EXIT_PROGRAM. EXIT_PROGRAM
msg_type A pointer to the name of the received message. Messages are requests from IBM Connect:Direct and the associated response from the user exit program. Pointer to message
recv_buf A pointer to the memory location of the message. Pointer to message
recv_buf_len The length in bytes of the message to be received. Length of message

The recv_exit_msg()or recv_exit_msg_c() functions have the following return codes. Return codes for the function are defined in ndmapi.h.

Return Code Description

The message was received successfully.


An error occurred and the message was not received successfully. Possible causes include: IBM Connect:Direct terminated, an invalid value used for the exit_flag parameter, or the receiving buffer not large enough to hold the message received.