Using the INQUIRE DEBUG Command from the Batch Interface

To use the INQUIRE DEBUG command from the batch interface:

  1. Place your command in a batch job stream.
  2. Submit the job while IBM® Connect:Direct® is running.
    Note: You must set the fifth character of the DGADBATC output parameter specification to Y to print the result of the command that is in the temporary data set.
  3. Verify the results.

    The following figure shows a partial sample report:

    CD.CHI            *INQ DEBUG/QUIESCE* DATE: mm.dd.yyyy  TIME: hh:mm:ss
    SYSTEM INITIALIZED --------(0000)--------   mm.dd.yyyy  hh:mm:ss
    DEBUG            => '00200000'
    QUIESCE          => No
    TCQ DSN          => PROD1.CD.CHI.TCQ
    TCX DSN          => PROD1.CD.CHI.TCX
    TCQ Threshold    => No
    TCQ File            0% Full. Max.# CI:      1000  # Used CI:       0
    NODE ENTRY     1 => CD.DAL            Yes      B0BB0BB0
    NODE ENTRY     2 => CD.DAL.CSGA       Yes
    NODE ENTRY     3 => CD.DAL.CSGB       Yes
    NODE ENTRY     4 => CD.DAL.LU0        Yes
    NODE ENTRY     5 => CD.DAL.LU62       Yes