Displaying DEBUG Settings

Use the INQUIRE DEBUG command to display the current DEBUG settings for each adjacent node in the Netmap.

The INQUIRE DEBUG command has the following format and parameter.

Label Command Parameter
(optional) INQuire DEBUG WHERE (SERVER=server name)

The parameter for the INQUIRE DEBUG command is:

Parameter Description
WHERE (SERVER=server name) This parameter is optional. This parameter specifies the IBM® Connect:Direct®/Server whose DEBUG settings you want to view. The server name parameter is the 1–8 character name assigned to a IBM Connect:Direct/Server by the CDPLEX.SERVER initialization parameter. If you omit this parameter in a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment, the DEBUG settings for the IBM Connect:Direct/Manager are displayed. You cannot use this parameter in a IBM Connect:Direct/Stand-alone Server. See Debug Settings for a descriptions of these settings.