Process Language Syntax

This topic describes the syntax used in IBM® Connect:Direct® Processes. If you use the Connect:Direct Browser User Interface Process Builder or the IBM Connect:Direct Requester to create Processes, some of these syntax rules are performed automatically by the software.

Those following symbols are defined as special characters, delimiters, and operators in IBM Connect:Direct:

- hyphen || two vertical bars & ampersand
  (blank) ¬ (not sign) (single quotation mark)
< (less-than sign) / (slash) " (double quotation mark)
> (greater-than sign) \ (backslash) [ ] (brackets)
( ) (parentheses) , (comma) { } (braces)
= (equal sign) . (period) * (asterisk)
Note: The EBCDIC Hex value for the slash ( /) is x’61’ and x’EO’ for the backslash (\) . The EBCDIC Hex value for the vertical bar (|) is X’4F.