Recording Statistics for Specific Record Types

The STATISTICS ON/OFF command enables and disables recording of specific statistics record types. When you initialize the DTF, IBM® Connect:Direct® enables the recording of all record types unless you specify the STAT.EXCLUDE initialization parameter. You can use the INQUIRE STATISTICS command to find out which types are currently disabled.

Use the STATISTICS ON/OFF command prudently when excluding Statistics records logging because some types of records are critical for problem diagnosis. Do not exclude the following record types:

  • CT – Copy Termination
  • PS – Process Submit
  • PT – Process Termination
  • RJ – Run Job
  • RT – Run Task
  • SW – Submit within Process
  • WO – WTO

Other record types are less critical and you can exclude them.

Excluding record types can make problem analysis and resolution more difficult.

The STATISTICS ON/OFF command has the following format and associated parameters.

Label Command Parameters
(optional) STATistics ON | OFF TYPE = (record type list)

The following parameter is required for the STATISTICS ON/OFF command:

Parameter Description
TYPE This parameter specifies the list of statistics record types whose recording is enabled or disabled. Use the 2-character identifier to specify record types. These identifiers are in the table beginning on Statistics Records.