Change Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows Settings

When you install Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows, initialization parameters are created in the Microsoft Windows registry and are used to determine settings at initialization. Initialization parameters (also called initparms) set the default values of Connect:Direct functions.

Initparms determine how Connect:Direct behaves during operation. You can change the default Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows settings by changing the value of these parameters.

Initialization parameters are organized in the following groups:

Category Description


Miscellaneous commands describe server path, download and upload directories, dialup entries, and security exits.

Statistics Information

Statistics settings determine the maximum age that statistics records are kept and what commands are logged in the statistics file.

TCQ Information

TCQ settings determine default values for the Process file directory, remote node run task operations, the length of time a Process is held in error, and how the TCQ handles Processes during server startup.

Global Copy Parameters

Global copy settings determine default checkpoint intervals, translation tables and translation directories.

Local Node Characteristics

Node settings define the name of the local node, and determine default values for functions such as session class, maximum connections, maximum API connections, buffer sizes, and short- and long-term attempts and retries.

License Parameters The license information parameters determine the parameters used to automate license metrics collection from Connect:Direct for Windows.