Backing up the Global and Local Initialization Parameter Files

Control Center has the ability to configure global initialization parameters for stand-alone IBM® Connect:Direct® servers and local initialization parameters for members of a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment. As part of the possible changes, the original INITPARM member is overwritten with the updates Control Center makes.

You can save a copy of the global initialization parameter file and local initialization parameter files using the INITPARM.BACKUP and CDPLEX.INITPARM.BACKUP initialization parameters. These backup files protect against inappropriate or failed updates from Control Center or other facilities capable of updating initialization parameters. IBM Connect:Direct will use these members to complete a backout of failed updates. This also provides you with the ability to manually back out using the specified backup members which contain the last set of initialization parameters used to successfully start IBM Connect:Direct.

Note: If you commented out the members names for the backup initialization parameters, specify new names.
  1. Specify the name of the backup member using the global initialization parameter, INITPARM.BACKUP = member. In a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment, you also specify the local initialization parameter, CDPLEX.INITPARM.BACKUP = member for the IBM Connect:Direct Plex/Manager and each IBM Connect:Direct/Plex server.
  2. Start Connect:Direct for z/OS®.

    When IBM Connect:Direct initializes successfully, it places a copy of the initialization parameter member in the backup member specified in the INITPARM.BACKUP parameter (and does the same thing for each IBM Connect:Direct/Plex-related backup parameter). If ISPF STATS are ON for the PDS, the statistics for the initparms are also copied to the backup member. If ISPF STATS are not ON, the backup member will have ISPF statistics generated based on the current date and time.