About the Client Connection Utility

Before you begin using the SDK to create your own programs or use Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows to transfer files, you can use the Client Connection Utility to create connection settings for each user.

To use Connect:Direct Requester, refer to Define and Manage the Connect:Direct Network for instructions.

The Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows client software uses the Microsoft Windows Registry to store its configuration information. The Client Connection Utility allows you to update the connection settings within the Registry.

Use the Client Connection Utility to update any Registry settings rather than editing them directly.

You can view, edit, and update Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windowsconnection settings in the Microsoft Windows Registry with the Client Connection Utility. These settings enable communication between the user interfaces and the Connect:Direct server. You can set up and update connection settings in the following ways:

  • Add and delete a node
  • Add and delete a user
  • Configure node and user properties
  • Define a default node or user

To facilitate updating connection settings on multiple servers, you can import and export connection settings using the Client Connection Utility. After you configure the connection for a server, you can export the server's settings for use on other servers. You can then import the settings into the target server's Registry. You can also print connection settings.