Modify Trace and Debug Settings Through the Modify Nodes Screen

Perform the following procedure to modify trace and debug settings through the Modify Nodes screen.

  1. Request option MD from the Connect:Direct Administrative Options Menu to access the Modify Command screen.
  2. Type YES in the MODIFY NODES field.
  3. Press ENTER.

    The Modify Nodes screen is displayed.

     CD.PRD                        MODIFY NODES (Unsaved Changes)     Row 1 of 1054
     CMD ==>                                                       SCROLL ===> PAGE
    (SEL commands: C=Clear Q=Quiesce R=Resume. Overtype Debug setting.)
     SEL  Node Name         Quiesce  Debug     Chg
     ---  ----------------  -------  --------  ---
          CD.PRD.CSGA       OFF      11111111
          CD.PRD.CSGB       OFF      11111111
          CD.PRD.CSGD       OFF      11111111
          CD.PRD.CSGE       OFF      11111111
          CD.PRD.CSGF       ON       11111111  Y
          CD.PRD.CSGG       OFF      11111111
          CD.PRD.VIPA       OFF      11111111
          CD.TST            OFF      FFFFFEFF
          CD.TST.%%%%%      OFF      FFFFFEFF
          CD.TST.CSGA       ON                 Y
          CD.TST.CSGB       OFF      FFFFFEFF
          CD.TST.CSGD       OFF      FFFFFEFF
          CD.TST.CSGG       OFF      FFFFFEFF
          CD.TST.CTCA1      OFF      FFFFFEFF
          CD.TST.CTCA2      OFF      FFFFFEFF
          CD.TST.CTCA3      OFF      FFFFFEFF
  4. Use one or both of the following methods:
    • Issue a Debug or Trace command on the CMD line.
    • Issue SEL commands or overtype the Debug field for specific nodes.

    For more information, see Modify Nodes Screen.

  5. Type SAVE in the CMD field and press ENTER to save your changes.