Example: Detecting a System Event by Title on a Microsoft Windows System

IndexOutOfBoundsException is the title of an event that indicates a number is outside of an expected range. In the following example, Connect:Direct® File Agent is used to detect an event with IndexOutOfBoundsException in the title, pass a string (the event title) to a IBM® Connect:Direct Process, and then submit a Process to the IBM Connect:Direct server that will perform actions the environment requires for this type of event. In this scenario, the event IndexOutOfBoundsException could indicate activity that a network administrator should investigate. Because the site uses a IBM Connect:Direct mailbox system, the configuration will include the administrator's account to be notified when Connect:Direct File Agent submits a Process for the IndexOutOfBounds rule.

The sample values in the following table accomplish the following processing:

  • Override the default Process and submit \processfolder\oo_boundserrproc.cdp
  • Send a message to the administrator's mailbox system account after submitting the oo_boundserrproc.cdp Process for the rule.
Tab Dialog Box, Window, or Field Description/Example
Rules Create rule dialog box Type index out of bounds as the name of the rule you are creating.
  Match criteria list for rule “index out of bounds” window Select the default criteria Not enabled: System event title matches “ ” and click Edit match.
  Edit match criterion for rule “index out of bounds” dialog box
  • Click Enabled to enable the criteria you are about to specify.
  • Click System event title as the criterion to match for the rule.
  • Click Matches on the drop-down field to see the options for comparison to a string.
  • Click Contains to specify how the compare string should relate to a system event title that Connect:Direct File Agent detects.
  • Type IndexOutoffBounds as the Compare String to indicate that the system event title should include this string.
  • Click OK.
  Submit Process information for system event rule “index out of bounds” window Type information into the fields that will define the Process to submit and the mailbox user to notify after the Process is submitted.
  Process name field Type c:\processfolder\errproc.cdp to specify the path and file name for the Process Connect:Direct File Agent submits when a file meets the rule criteria.
  Notification userid field Type adminjim@company.com to specify the user to notify when Connect:Direct File Agent submits the Process.