Example: Detecting a File Added to a Watched Directory on a z/OS System

Some users need to access a report file that is expected to be transferred to a location that only administrators can access. Connect:Direct® File Agent can be configured to perform the processing on a z/OS system:

  • Monitor the watched data set called EASTERN.Q1.REPTS.
  • Submit a default Process called DEFPROC. The default Process has been created to copy a file detected in the watched data set to a specified location for access by users.
    Tab Field Sample or Description
    File agent Watched directories Type EASTERN.Q1.REPTS to specify the fully qualified MVS data set name to watch.
      Default Process Type DEFPROC, the member name for the Process in DMPUBLIB.
    Note: If no default Process is specified and the file does not match a rule, then no processing occurs.