Copy a File from Connect:Direct for z/OS to a B2B Integrator Mailbox

In this example, the PNODE is a Connect:Direct® for z/OS® server (LA.ZOS) copying its source file (the LA.3Q.SALES data set) to the SNODE, which is, in this case, a B2B Integrator-Connect:Direct Server Adapter named ATLANTA_CDSA. The destination file to be created on the B2B Integrator side will be called West3QRevenue and placed in the AtlantaHQ mailbox.

COPYTOMB     PROCESS    SNODE=ATLANTA_CDSA                                    -
                        SNODEID=(Atlanta_UserID,Atlanta_Password)             -
STEP1        COPY FROM (DSN=LA.3Q.SALES)                                      -
                  TO   (FILE=/mailbox/AtlantaHQ/West3QRevenue                 -