Special Considerations

This section details special considerations to be aware of for your platform.

  • Certain maintenance fixes should be applied to IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS to have the correct TLS protocol negotiation with Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows. It is suggested the you upgrade IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS with these four HIPER fixes: UI14876, UI14924, UI16043, UI16936. For additional information, see http://www14.software.ibm.com/webapp/set2/psearch/search?domain=psp and search for the FMID for CDZ/5.3 (HDGA520) and select Upgrade STRCD520, Subset HDGA520 , then select Service Recommendations for the most current list of HIPER fixes.
  • The database retry feature retries a connection for up to eight minutes before a failure is allowed to continue. When you use client applications like IBM® Connect:Direct Requester, the application may appear to hang. If this occurs, check the event log for database errors indicating a retry is in progress. If the retry is unsuccessful, you may need to recycle the Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows server.
  • PostgreSQL

    If you do not install PostgreSQL as your database and would like to install it at a later time, re-run cdw_install.exe. You can also install the PostgreSQL feature.