Create Processes with IBM Connect:Direct Requester

IBM® Connect:Direct® Requester for Microsoft Windows provides a graphical interface to build, modify, and save Processes. You can select parameters from a drop-down list and automatically insert the correct syntax for each parameter. After you define a Process, you can validate the syntax. The connections between some clients and a Connect:Direct Server are unsecure. Passwords sent by one of these clients to a C:D Server are obfuscated, but the session is not encrypted. The clients are: the CD Requester, the Windows CLI, any user-written Windows SDK client and FileAgent.

Note: The maximum size allowed for a Process is 64 KB.

The following is a sample Process built using IBM Connect:Direct Requester for Microsoft Windows. The Process copies a binary file from a Microsoft Windows node to a UNIX node. If the copy is successful, a run task statement is performed on the Microsoft Windows node to delete the source file on the Microsoft Windows node.

To make it easier to create a process using IBM Connect:Direct Requester for Microsoft Windows, first attach to the node where the Process will begin. This gives you access to the network map. Since the nodes you communicate with are defined in the network map, accessing a network map allows you to identify the node that communicate with in the Process you are defining.

Building a Process in IBM Connect:Direct Requester for Microsoft Windows requires the following tasks:

  • Creating a Process Statement
  • Adding other statements to perform the work
  • Validating the Process
  • Saving the Process file

The IBM Connect:Direct Requester for Microsoft Windows Help contains more detailed information about how to create a IBM Connect:Direct Process.