Transmission Control Queue record

The tcq record provides information that pertains to the Transmission Control Queue (TCQ).

The following parameters are available for this record:

Parameter Description Value Restart Required
max.age The maximum number of days a Process with Held-in-Error status remains in the TCQ before it is automatically deleted. A three-digit decimal number. IBM® Connect:Direct® does not automatically delete Processes when max.age=0.

The default is 8 days.

ckpt.max.age The maximum number of days a Process' checkpoint file is stored unused before it is automatically deleted. An integer in the range 0 - 2147483647, inclusive. IBM Connect:Direct does not automatically delete the checkpoint file when ckpt.max.age=0.

The default is 8 days after a fresh installation. If ckpt.max.age is left unset, it defaults to 2147483647.