Understand the Microsoft Windows Event Logging Facility

Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows uses the Microsoft Windows Event Logging facility to log informational, warning, and error messages that the server generates during execution. A subset of the Connect:Direct statistics records are also sent to the event log. The event.log initialization parameter determines which of these records to log.

Merging this critical error information with the event log enables the system administrator to have a single point of focus for error information from all Microsoft Windows subsystems. The Event Logging facility also allows for easy correlation of the various error messages that both Connect:Direct and Microsoft Windows generate.
Connect:Direct can generate numerous event records. For control purposes, define a large event log, use the event.log initialization parameter to reduce the number of events Connect:Direct generates, or define the event log to be wraparound.
The event log receives the following information from Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows:
Information Connect:Direct Record IDs Microsoft Windows Event Type
Server initialization/termination NUIC and NUTC Informational
Communications session start/end COAC and SEND Informational
Communications error SERR Error
Connect:Direct Process start/end PSTR and PRED Informational
Connect:Direct Process step information CTRC, PSED, RJED, RTED, and SBED Informational
Connect:Direct Process flush/error PERR and PFLS Warning