Copy a File from Connect:Direct for HP NonStop to Connect:Direct for z/OS

This Process copies a file from a Connect:Direct® for HP NonStop node to a new SMS-controlled file at a Connect:Direct for z/OS® node.

SMS1   PROCESS  PNODE=CD.HPNONSTOP                 -
STEP1  COPY     FROM  (PNODE                       -
                       DSN=$VOL.SUBVOL.TANFILE     -
                       DISP=SHR                    -
                TO    (SNODE                       -
                       DISP=(NEW,CATLG)            -
                       DSN=DATA1.SEQ.OS390FILE     -
                       DCB=(DSORG=PS, LRECL=80)    -
                       SPACE=(80,(1500,100),RLSE)  -
                       UNIT=SYSDA                  -
                       SYSOPTS="AVGREC=U           -
                       MGMTCLAS=TEST01             -
                       STORCLAS=TEST01             -