VSAM Support

Copies to existing VSAM files are processed in EXTEND mode. The VSAM file is extended rather than replaced. To completely copy over an existing VSAM file (to copy to a VSAM file in LOAD mode) set the DISP parameter to DISP=RPL. You must define the destination file with the REUSE attribute; otherwise OPEN will fail.

Copies to new VSAM files propagate those attributes supported by SMS. Specifically, attributes supported by SVC 99 for dynamic allocation are propagated. See SMS Support for the specific attributes that are propagated. If the file requires other VSAM attributes, you must pre-allocate the file outside of IBM® Connect:Direct using IDCAMS, or in a Process step using the DMRTAMS utility prior to the COPY step. See the IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS User Guide for information about DMRTAMS.