STATISTICS.EXIT = modname | (modname[,MANAGER | SERVER | BOTH])

Note: User specified program names are limited. For more information, refer to User Specified Program Limitation Feature.

This parameter specifies the name of the IBM® Connect:Direct® statistics exit module you can invoke to complement the IBM Connect:Direct statistics gathering functions. Use this program to log IBM Connect:Direct information, perform IBM system management facilities (SMF) functions, and log custom information. To use this feature, you must explicitly code this initialization parameter and supply a module name—the default is no security exit.

For more information on the IBM Connect:Direct sample statistics exits, which are located in the $CD.SDGASAMP library, see Sample Statistics Exits.

In a IBM Connect:Direct /Plex environment, you can specify whether the Manager, the server(s) or both launch the statistics exit. By specifying the MANAGER keyword, only the Manager region launches the statistics exit. By specifying SERVER, all servers launch the statistics exit. Specifying BOTH causes all regions—servers and the Manager—to launch the statistics exit and for the same records to be processed twice.

In a IBM Connect:Direct /Plex environment, MANAGER is the default entity to launch the exit, but you must still specify the module name.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO