This parameter indicates whether or not IBM® Connect:Direct® is to have confirmation that the contents of a statistics file pair are archived before erasing them and reusing the file pair to record new information.

Value Description
YES Specifies that IBM Connect:Direct requires confirmation before reusing the file. The Connect:Direct for z/OS® utilities DGADARRT and DGADARBT provide archive confirmation. You can invoke these utilities from an archive Process or an archive batch job, respectively.

If archive confirmation has not occurred at the time a file is to be switched to and therefore erased, IBM Connect:Direct issues a WTOR requesting operator permission to overwrite the file. DTF activity halts until you type a response to the WTOR. An affirmative response causes an immediate file pair switch. A negative response disables the statistics logging function, but the DTF remains active.

NO Specifies that IBM Connect:Direct erases the file contents at the time of a pair switch regardless of whether indication that the file was archived is received.
Note: If you code the STAT.ARCH.CONFIRM parameter as YES, then also specify the STAT.SWITCH.SUBMIT parameter.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO