There is no default value for this parameter however the default behavior is as follows.

A Process that allocates a migrated dataset will either:

  • WAIT for the dataset to be recalled
  • Terminate with an SDEARCHI RC=08

The action taken depends if ARCH is coded in ALLOC.CODES initialization parameter. If ARCH is not included in the ALLOC.CODES then the Process will WAIT for the RECALL to complete. If ARCH is included then the Process will terminate with the SDEARCHI RC=08. The behavior is the same regardless if this IBM® Connect:Direct® is the PNODE or SNODE.

With SNODE.ARCH.RECALL.WAIT the RECALL behavior will be controlled based on the setting of this parameter when this Connect:Direct is the SNODE.
SNODE.ARCH.RECALL.WAIT=YES (Process waits for the RECALL to be completed)
SNODE.ARCH.RECALL.WAIT=NO (Process terminates with SDEARCHI RC=08)

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: YES