MULTI.COPY.STAT.RCD=not set | CT | MC | M2

This parameter creates statistics records for files copied using the DGADSIOX I/O exit and is particularly useful with the wildcard feature, which can produce large numbers of files. When this parameter is set, a message is sent to the Console each time the DGADSIOX I/O exit copies a file, regardless of what other types of statistics records are being generated. For more information on the DGADSIOX I/O exit, see Utility Programs in IBM® Connect:Direct® for z/OS® User Guide.

By default, this initialization parameter is not set. Use the following table to determine the conditions under which to use each setting.

Value Conditions for Use Description
Not set
  • DGADSIOX I/O exit is not used.
  • Information for individual files is needed.
No file completion statistics records are created and no console messages are produced.
  • DGADSIOX I/O exit is used.
  • Pre-existing customer exits detect files using CT records.
Produces a Copy Termination type of statistics record.
  • DGADSIOX I/O exit is used.
  • Control Center is installed and monitoring the IBM Connect:Direct server.
Produces a PDS Member Copy type of statistics record, which replaces the member name with the file name provided by the ADRDSSU utility.
  • DGADSIOX I/O exit is used.
  • None of the other conditions apply.
Produces a “multiple copy” type of statistics record, which shows the file name, current return code, bytes processed as reported by the IBM ADRDSSU utility, and normal Step information.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: YES