Creating Processes from z/OS Statement Models

Connect:Direct® for z/OS® has a sample Process library that contains Process statement models. You can use these models as templates for building IBM® Connect:Direct Processes.

There are two types of the Process statement models in the Process library:

  • Commented files have a file name preceded by the at sign (@).
  • Files without comments have a file name preceded by a pound sign (#).

To create a Process from a Process model,

  1. Use either the Connect:Direct for z/OS Interactive User Interface (IUI) or the Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) EDIT facility.
  2. Access the Process definition screen (DF on the Connect:Direct for z/OS Primary Option Menu), and specify a new PDS member.
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. Type COPY on the command line at the top of the blank member.
  5. Press ENTER. An ISPF Edit-Copy screen is displayed.
  6. In the DATA SET NAME field, type the name of the Process library and the member name of the model you want copied into your new member, and press ENTER.

    For example, you build your Process by first including the PROCESS statement. If you specify @PROCESS with the Process library, the commented IBM Connect:Direct PROCESS statement model is copied into the member. (Use #PROCESS if you do not want to include the comments in your Process.)

    The PROCESS statement model is copied into your new member.

  7. To add additional statement models, type a over the 0 (zero) in the number column of the last line of the member and repeat steps 4 thorugh 6.

    Each specified IBM Connect:Direct statement model is copied into the member following the PROCESS statement.

  8. Continue adding statement models until your Process is complete.
  9. Edit the statements:
    • Replace underscores with the appropriate parameter values.
    • Provide an appropriate Process name in the PROCESS statement.
    • Delete any lines that are not applicable.
    • Continuation marks are necessary on all but the last line of each statement model.
    • Delete any unwanted Comment lines.
  10. Save the Process to the PDS member. You can now submit it from the Submit panels in the IUI. See the IBM Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS User Guide for instructions on executing Processes.