Connect:Direct for VSE Process Statement

The PROCESS statement defines the attributes of a Process and is always the first statement in a Process.

The following is the Connect:Direct® for VSEProcess statement format. Refer to Sterling Connect for VSE/ESA Process Parameters for more information.

Label Statement Parameters
process name PROCess SNODE=secondary-node-name
    PNODE=primary-node-name | TCPNAME=primary-node-name
    PNODEID=(id | [,pswd] [,newpswd])
    SNODEID=(id | [,pswd] [,newpswd])
    HOLD=Yes | No | Call
    RETAIN=Yes | No | Initial
    STARTT=([date |day][,hh:mm:ssXM])

The maximum storage area allowed for a Process statement is 64K. To accommodate a larger Process, split the Process into two separate Processes. Include a SUBMIT statement in the first Process to run the second Process.