Connect:Direct for i5/OS Run Job Statement

The Connect:Direct® for i5/OS RUN JOB statement is used in a non-i5/OS Process to execute i5/OS CL commands on a remote Connect:Direct for i5/OS node. The i5/OS CL command is submitted to the i5/OS to run as a separate job through the SBMJOB command. The Process does not wait until the i5/OS command finishes before executing the next step in the Process.

The RUN JOB execution results in a return code but IBM® Connect:Direct does not verify the execution of the CL commands.

The following is the Connect:Direct for i5/OS Run Job statement format. Refer to Connect:Direct for i5/OS Process Parameters for more information.

Label Statement Parameters
stepname RUN JOB (DSN=AS400)
    SYSOPTS="cmd(CL command)"