Connect:Direct for HP NonStop Run Task Statement

The RUN TASK statement executes user-written or system programs during a Process. With a RUN TASK, the Process waits until the program completes before executing the next step in the Process.

Connect:Direct® for HP NonStop issues a return code of zero if the program starts successfully. If the program does not start successfully, IBM® Connect:Direct generates a failure return code. Once the external program begins, IBM Connect:Direct has no control of it and no knowledge of the outcome.

You can specify a list of parameters for the program in the RUN TASK statement. The program can run at either the PNODE or SNODE.

The RUN TASK statistics log records the program name, HP NonStop process id (PID), and the date and time the program began

The following is the Connect:Direct for HP NonStop Run Task statement format. See the Sterling Connect:Direct for HP NonStop Process Parameters for more information.

Label Statement Parameters
stepname RUN TASK (PGM=program-name)
    SYSOPTS=("[/run-option parameters/] [program-parameter] [program-parameter...]")