Copy from z/OS to OpenVMS and Specifying a User-Defined Translation Table

This Process, submitted from the OpenVMS node, copies from a Connect:Direct® for z/OS® node to a Connect:Direct for OpenVMS node. It illustrates how a user can specify a user-defined translation table. Using the XLATE keyword in a Process overrides the default translation table; the IBM® Connect:Direct system will extract a module from the OpenVMS text library CD_1.TBL.

STEP01   COPY  FROM  (DSN=SMITH.CDTEST SNODE                 -
                      DISP=SHR )                             -
               TO    (DSN=$DISK:[JONES.DATA]ACCT.TXT         -
                      SYSOPTS="NOBINARY                      -
                      XLATE=’$DSK:[JS.TXT]CD_1.TBL{JS.DEF}’  -
                      PROTECTION=’S:RW,W:RWED’               -
                      LIBRARY=’TEXT’ STREAM" PNODE)