Upgrading IBM Connect:Direct

Review the following items before upgrading your existing IBM® Connect:Direct® system.

  • You must re-assemble and re-link all user exits after you complete the installation procedure.
  • If previous modifications were made to the DGASECUR and DGA$MFLG, update the DGAXAUTH macro with those modifications.
  • After installation, reassemble and link-edit your security module that uses the DMGSECUR macro (new element name is DGASECUR) to ensure that all enhancements are implemented. For information, see Implementing Security.
  • After IBM Connect:Direct files have been migrated, using these files with a previous release of IBM Connect:Direct results in the inability to view user comment fields in the network map. If you update the network map using an older version, any information stored in the comment fields may be lost.
  • For archive JCL and Processes that use STAT archive files or STAT ESDS, update the LRECL to 2048 and update all archive jobs and procedures, which must change the logical record length. You can update the LRECLs in advance and use the LRECL updates with any release.
  • To ensure above-the-line storage, calculate the difference between the maximum storage values used for BSAM data transfers (as specified by the MAXSTGIO initialization parameter) and change the JOBSTEP region accordingly. For additional information, see Improving Performance.
  • Performing an upgrade is similar to performing an initial installation. You can retain some or all data files created by the initial installation or as a result of the last upgrade.

    To retain existing IBM Connect:Direct files when you migrate, use the information in the following table. These files are required to fall back to the previous version.

Data Set Migration Considerations
NETMAP file Unload, delete, reallocate, and reload the network map. For more information, see Migrating an Existing Network Map.
AUTH, CKPT, and TYPE files Use IDCAMS REPRO to migrate the data to the new files. For the AUTH file, use this DCB information:
For the CKPT (Checkpoint) file, use this DBC information:
For the TYPE file, use this DCB information:
STATS files See, Migrating of Existing STATS files steps below.
MSG file Because new messages exist in the MSG file, use the updated message file. Any user-defined messages can be loaded using the DGAJMSGL JCL in the $CD.SDGAJCL installation data set.
IBM Connect:Direct initialization parameters file After migrating data from a previous release, specify the IBM Connect:Direct initialization parameters TCQ=WARM and STAT.INIT=WARM and attempt the initialization.
Note: Make sure that all obsolete initialization parameters are removed before you start up. See the list of initialization parameters that are obsolete.