Known Restrictions

Connect:Direct® for UNIX has the following restrictions when using third-party hardware or software:

  • Due to a system library change on Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 8, you must set your current working directory (CWD) to {CDU install dir}/ndm/bin to invoke the executable modules there. To invoke these modules from another CWD, there are two options:

    • As root, create the following symbolic link in /lib64: ln -s /lib64/ /lib64/
    • Set the executor's environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH={CDU install dir}/ndm/lib .
  • An issue occurs which causes invalid data to be written to the destination file when standard compression is enabled and transfer is text mode when sending to another Connect:Direct Unix node. This issue leads to inadvertent conversion of some spaces to EBCDIC space instead of ASCII. A possible work-around of this issue is to use extended compression or no compression or use binary mode.
  • If you use the Hummingbird Exceed terminal emulator to access a Solaris workstation, you may not have all of the fonts needed to use Connect:Direct Secure Plus IBM Connect Direct for UNIX. Add the following command to the file:
    xset fp default

    Insert this command before the following line of code:

    java -classpath $CLASSPATH:/SCI/USERS/... com.stercomm.csg.spadmin.spadmin

    This command maps all unknown fonts to a default value and prevents IBM® Connect:Direct for UNIX from performing a core dump if it is unable to locate a font.

  • Connect:Direct Secure Plus Connect Direct for UNIX is administered through Java and a graphical user interface (GUI). The standard UNIX telnet server does not support a GUI client session. To use the UNIX GUI you must be connected to the UNIX server via an X Windows client session, such as xterm. If you are connected to the UNIX server using a telnet session, you will not be able to run the GUI sessions required to install and administer IBM Connect:Direct for UNIX. If you do not have access to X Windows, you can use the Connect:Direct Secure Plusfor UNIX Command Line Interface (Secure+ CLI).
  • Connect:Direct Secure Plus IBM Connect Direct for UNIX does not support server gated crypto (SGC) certificates.
  • The Secure+ CLI does not support using $HOME or the tilde (~) to specify the path to your home directory.
  • When using the Secure+ CLI on the Solaris platform, command entries may be limited by the buffer size. To resolve this limitation, add line breaks to a command entry. For example, enter the following command with line breaks:





  • On the HP-UX, IBM System pSeries, and Linux platforms, when a run task defines an invalid UNIX command, the operating system return code is 127 and the completion code (CCOD) reported by Connect:Direct for UNIX is displayed in hexadecimal (7F) in the statistics output. This return code is correct for the error received, even though most return codes are defined as 0, 4, 8, or 16.

    If the return code value of 127 is the highest step return code, the Process End (PRED) statistics record message ID is set to the Message ID of the run task step. On other platforms, the run task return code is 1, resulting in the message ID of XSMG252I in the PRED statistics record.

  • Connect:Direct Browser User Interface IBM Connect Direct for UNIX is not supported running on HP Integrity systems with Intel Itanium processors.
  • Installation on Linux platforms displays the following message:
    awk: cmd. line:6: warning: escape sequence `\.' treated as plain `.'

    This is a known issue with Install Anywhere and does not affect installation or functionality of Connect:Direct File Agent IBM Connect Direct for UNIX on Linux.

  • When IBM Connect:Direct for UNIX 6.1 attempts a session as a PNode with CD i5/OS and CD i5/OS is running on IBM i 7.3 or earlier, the session may fail if IBM Connect:Direct for UNIX 6.1 has TLS 1.3 enabled for the session. The resolution is to disable TLS 1.3 for sessions with the IBM Connect:Direct for UNIX i5/OS snode.